How To Make Your Child Relax And Fall Asleep?

Are you currently pregnant and all your friends who are already mothers keep telling you and reminding you all the time about how much you are going to hate life, because you’re new born or toddler will barely stay asleep and hence you have to stay awake with them? Or have you just had your child and find that they barely sleep every night and in turn sleep a lot during the day? But unfortunately, you cannot sleep during the day? Even though many of us are lucky enough to have sufficient help from friends and family right before we give birth and for a few months afterwards, until we are able to do things by ourselves, this isn’t the case for many individuals. Especially if you live alone in a different country and not close to your family, you will have to do almost all of the housework by yourself. And that is not an easy task. So at the end of a long day, you will be feeling completely exhausted after caring for a newborn and the rest of your family, you just want to fall asleep but what if your newborn stays up all night crying? We cannot just let them cry but it can also be very frustrating and not sleeping at night will give you trouble the next day. Read below to see what you can do.

Develop a nighttime routine for them

This is a great way to train your newborn or your toddler to sleep at a certain time every day and it is what a baby sleep therapy Adelaide specialist would recommend as well. Just like as adults, if we are having trouble sleeping, we are recommended to have a relaxing night time routine to remind our body and brain that we are slowing down all activity and that it is time to sleep, the same works for kids of any age. For example, at 7 or 8pm every night, you can run a warm bath and use lavender essential oils or lavender bath oils and clean your child. The lavender scent is extremely calming and will soothe your baby. You can then feed them and read them a bed time story and tuck them in and they will then doze off without a problem.

Reward them

We all love prizes and being rewarded for our efforts and toddlers are no different. Just like many toddler sleep therapy specialists would recommend, you can tell them that every night they go to bed on time they get a star and when they collect four stars, they get a reward. This will surely motivate them to get to bed sooner and on time.Of course, these tips may not be successful right away but after a few nights, they will get used to it and it will soon become habit!