Need A Shield

After having a baby, the baby feeding chair will become the focus of your kitchen or dining room, it will be the one piece of furniture you will come to dread. It symbolises vomit, crying, food thrown with unerring accuracy, hours of food preparation and worrying about the food you are serving and most of all its constant need to be cleaned. You will have just scrubbed it down, sanitised all of its surfaces and it will be feeding time again, all those shiny bits will be soon covered in finger prints and have milk thrown on them. There will be bits of cheese stuck under the seat, don’t even bother trying to speculate how on earth that got there, yoghurt trickling down the legs and a chocolate cup upside down on the tray being used as a finger painting accessory. All the while your baby will be sitting there smiling away as though there is not a thing wrong in the world and it won’t be in their world, they are having a grand old time and it isn’t until you take away the chocolate paint and try to clean them up that the fuss starts.

The only time a high chair is even remotely amusing is if the baby has tired themselves out so much that they start to nod off into whatever food it is in front of them, then it is time to get the camera out and record the event for all time. After a morning of scrubbing, changing nappies, constantly cleaning faces and finally shoving a wriggling child into a chair so they can screw their face up at what you have served them, the laughter you will achieve watching that same child nodding off into a bowl of spaghetti and then suddenly sitting up and having spaghetti stuck to their head, will make up for all those other annoyances.

In fact you won’t want to put the kid to bed but wait to see how long it takes until the child is completely asleep and not bobbing up and down like a cork in a river, baby cots can help your baby in sleeping more comfortabley you can get baby cots online in Australia. You might even get a reprieve when you go to get them out of the chair and they wake up a bit and have another go at feeding themselves with a hand that is determined to put the food in their ear. You will have to give in at some stage and clean the child up and put them to bed, even though you would like the comedy routine to continue, there is only so much you can get out of it before it becomes a bit like child abuse. Then once more you are back to cleaning up that damn chair but at least every time you pick up a bit of spaghetti you can have a bit of a giggle at it, makes cleaning a much nicer experience.