Choosing the perfect baby shower theme

Choosing the perfect theme for your baby shower is an important activity. The theme sets the tone of the event. They also help the hosts in concentrating on the fine details of the shower. A good theme ties everything together and helps in selecting the decorations. Coming up with a baby shower theme can be a challenging and tedious activity. Most people look for girl baby shower themes online. Others prefer asking around from friends or by looking in relevant magazines.

The sex of the baby is a great theme to use. The decorations can be made either in blue or pink with foods matching in color as well. Creep papers and balloons are easy to use to declare the unborn child’s gender. If the baby is to be a girl, you can create an all-pink baby shower. In case it is a boy then themes on sports gears and decorations with the color blue will be perfect. Themes based on sex also apply in the situation where the parents prefer not knowing the sex of the unborn baby. In such instances, you can simply mix both male and female colors to come up with a mysterious blend. Learn more regarding this topic by contacting the expert planners of baby showers in Australia.

Nursery Rhymes are another popular theme for baby showers. It involves decorating the room with books all around. The gifts to the mother-to-be may be in form of clothes with nursery rhymes themes. Guests participate by reading out different parts from their favourite nursery rhymes books. The best thing about this theme is that it is applicable to both boys and girls.

When the mother-to-be has all that requires for the baby, it is creative to make a baby shower with books for baby theme. This theme has become quite popular since many parents-to-be already have all that they need for their baby thus gifts of clothes, diapers and other common baby items may never be used. The books are used as the centre piece of the decorations. Guests on the other hand bring baby books as gifts during the shower.

Having a baby leaves the mothers exhausted and many times unattended. Mothers forget about themselves and concentrate all their energy into carrying or caring for their young ones. A theme that is entirely based on the mother is superb. Not only does it hold numerous ideas but it also makes the mothers feel appreciated and remembered. This also gives the guests a wide range of gifts to choose, from spa products to a bathrobe, the list will certainly be endless. You may decorate the venue to look similar to a spa and have the guests come with their bath towels. The relaxing music and scented candles will create a relaxing mood to the guests as well as the parents-to-be.

If it is an all females baby shower, you can spice things up by having a slumber party. This is very convenient for guests coming from out of town.

Regardless of the choice of the theme, it is essential that the guests are made aware of the theme before the shower. This is done by stating the theme in baby showers invitations card. By doing so, you give the guest a chance to find suitable gifts for the baby.